Five Months of Theo

IMG_3188 copy

At 5 months Theo is, most likely, around 22-23 pounds. He loves to grab at everything, though sometimes not until he’s inspected it for some time with inquisitive eyebrow action. 😀 He talks all day, everyday, to me, his books, his toys, strangers and any food packaging he comes in contact with…the kid loves a good conversation with a cereal box or bag of chips, haha. He still has absolutely no interest in rolling over, but loves to sit up all by himself more each day and standing, with help, as often as possible, though he inevitably always wants to look the opposite direction of however he’s facing when he’s held. Whenever we do try to encourage rolling over with tummy time Theo either face plants and screams his displeasure or ‘swims’ by picking up his arms and his legs and balancing on his stomach. He’s also started doing what we like to call ‘baby crunches’ which is when he’s lying on his back he’ll tighten his core and pull his up his neck and legs, we’re assuming, in an attempt to sit up on his own. He LOVES when Justin comes home from work and getting to see him so many mornings before he leaves for work, something that almost never happened at Justin’s old job. Theo officially hates all swaddles now, even ones that leave his arms free, and kicks and kicks his legs until they are taken off. We started introducing solids right before he turned 5 months and are taking it really slow, but enjoying the prospect of all the news foods he’ll get to enjoy soon! Overall though he’s still a hardcore nurser and still likes breastmilk all day everyday and sometimes still even nurses 3 times a night. He’s the grumpiest when he wants to eat or has to poop, but overall is incredibly calm, especially on outings like church and grocery shopping where he prefers to just look at everything quietly and even nap on my lap almost every Sunday during service. He’s still very much a cat napper taking three to four 20-45 minute naps a day but sleeping 12 hours at night, interrupted by some quick nursing sessions of course 🙂 overall he’s really starting to get to be so much more independent and you can tell he’s just waiting for his motor skills to catch up so he can be on the move! I truly can’t imagine life without him and can’t imagine doing anything more fulfilling at this point. I just feel like now that I’ve known the emotions and connection of being a mother, anything else I could be doing would never be as worth it. Theo has made our life so much richer and our love so much deeper. Caring for him is the most challenging and rewarding experience and, to be honest, feels more like real (authentic, beautiful, full, joyful) life than anything else I’ve ever known. Who Justin and I are to him and how he is now and growing to be is just right and I am grateful.

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