Duck Trail

IMG_3403 copyToday we ventured out for an afternoon at one of NC’s state parks! We packed up a lunch and visited a little beach where Theo’s feet touched sand and water, other than a bath, for the first time and then we hiked for a little while up a trail called Duck Cove Trail, but we just liked to call it Duck trail 🙂 Justin and I took turns wearing Theo and he eventually fell asleep and took one of the longest naps he’s taken in quite some time! Cheers to baby carriers! It was such a nice day to be outside and we can’t wait to go back and do more trails and visit more of the little beaches. I still can’t get over how many things there are to do here and hope each Saturday in the future can bring with it another family adventure out together!

IMG_3309 copyIMG_3315 copyIMG_3316 copyHe loves to fall asleep holding on to someone’s fingers ❤IMG_3327 copyIMG_3333IMG_3339 copyIMG_3343 copyIMG_3349 copyIMG_3353 copyIMG_3365 copyIMG_3376 copyIMG_3383 copyIMG_3384 copyIMG_3387 copy

His little face peeking out though ❤ 🙂

IMG_3393 copyIMG_3409 copyIMG_3425 copyAnd these last two pictures are just so Theo always remembers how cool his parents are 😉IMG_3421 copyIMG_3422 copy

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