thoughts on the creative process & another venture

IMG_6065 copy
entitled: the abstract breastfeeder

I actually struggle quite a bit with the creative process. It’s difficult for me to go through the ups and downs and hits and misses that are all part of finding what works best. I so badly want something to just stick and not have to realize that something I’ve begun isn’t actually working out. But it’s happened before and I’m sure it will happen again. And it’s all just part of the process. I know this because I see it all across the creative community. Starting things and then ending them, trying things out and then letting them go. The lack of stability of creative projects can be frustrating to me many times, loose ends and creative debris flutter around in my creative past and it’s hard not to feel like people won’t trust in my motives because of past attempts that didn’t pan out. But I’m attempting to train myself to be able to go after something while also giving myself the room to let it go if it isn’t working, all the while not attaching the feeling of failure to any of it.

And with all that being said, I’m at it again with another try, this time with freelance graphic design!

I’ve begun a website called Henry & CO. Creations with which I would like to create and sell original art for you all! I hastily second guess my style and skill time and time again, but I’m creating art anyway and I’m making it available anyway, because it just feels too right to put effort into a creative project to shy away from it merely due to my insecurities. There’s a learning curve indeed, being mainly self-taught always brings with it a measure of work that wouldn’t always be the case, but I am looking forward to pouring myself into this effort and really trying to embrace the learning ahead of me as I do what I love to do. Create.

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