Nine Months of Theo

Well, Theo is 9 months old today.

Officially out in the world as long as he was inside of me.

IMG_6206 copy

I was going to change him to take some pictures but then realized I wanted to remember him just as he is these days, firetruck pajamas on and that belly always peeking out. 🙂

IMG_6238 copy

The other night before falling asleep Justin and I just lay in bed talking about Theo. About his little quirks, his habits, his laugh, his smile and how much we love him.

Theo’s personality is all kinds of wonderful. He’s a slow and steady, joyful, curious, and, most of the time, content little boy who loves any food you put in front of him, though his relationship with avocado struggled for a short while, and being outdoors.

IMG_6243 copyHis eyes are most certainly brown at this point and his hair keeps getting longer, thicker and curlier day by day. He also has two bottom teeth that have a little gap in between them, which I love ❤

I seem to hear two things about him when I’m out, either ‘he’s so serious’ or ‘he’s so happy’ and I’d say they are both correct. He is either very focused or concentrated on understanding or with a wide smile and laugh ready.

I often overhear him laughing at either one of his books or toys when he’s playing on his own 🙂

IMG_6217 copy

He’s sleeping through the night apart from one dream feed around 10:00pm that we just recently instituted to help him get through the night without being too hungry.

He’s maintaining his size and weight of being off of or top of the charts, though I won’t get all his updated measurements until his appointment tomorrow.

IMG_6214 copy

He likes to ‘talk’ all day, says ‘dada’ most of all and laughs when I ask him to say ‘mama’ 😀

He’s finally on a predictable nap schedule and loves to play with his bunny in his crib before falling asleep on his own.

IMG_6210 copy

He also loves to stand up in his crib and throw his pacifier out and then cry until someone comes in and gives it back to him. Really he just loves to toss things in general. One of his favorite pass times is to sit on the linoleum in the kitchen and take his pacifier out of his mouth toss it, crawl to it, put it back in and then do the process all over again…..we wash pacifiers a LOT these days. 🙂

Perhaps some of the biggest news is that he is CRAWLING!! Again, in his own way, he took his time, learning each aspect of the process individually and then putting all the pieces together when he was ready. For some time we actually wondered if he would walk first because he was pulling up and standing on his own before he even tried to crawl, but the crawling won out, though with how much he stands up on his own these days I can’t imagine walking is too far in the future!

IMG_6227 copy

When he crawls he’ll open his mouth and make a chuckling sound like he’s too amused that he can finally move on his own and can’t wait to get where he’s going.

IMG_6209 copy

It may just be the most wonderful thing to see your baby reach milestones, my heart still aches with all the happy feelings when I see him crawling around on the floor and discovering new skills.

I feel like I have so much more to say about him and how much we love him and how much joy and goodness he brings to our life, but it’s all so much and all so wonderful I don’t even think I would feel like I’ve ever said enough, so I’ll just finish up here by saying I honestly can’t imagine life without Theo and feel so incredibly honored to be able to be his mother. ❤ ❤ ❤

IMG_6225 copy

I thought I’d add in a quick video of him so you could see some of his new skills 🙂

Also, that screenshot though 😀 😀 ❤ ❤

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