I Voted for Hillary Clinton

collageApart from watching a few presidential debates between Romney and Obama, I have not been involved in any election before, so let’s just say this one has been quite the interesting first.

I watched and read and listened for months but it was really only after casting my vote, which I even debated doing at all, that I suddenly felt like what I was thinking might be worth saying out loud. Though I, in no way, believe what I’m about to say will convince anyone of anything other than that which they already have concluded on their own, and it’s somewhat exhausting to see so many desperate efforts to do so when I can’t imagine it has ever worked, I have mulled over whether or not I still wanted to publicly record my thoughts and decided it could be worth it, even if it’s merely for my own expression. As a quick disclaimer, I claim no deep alliance to either candidate’s position on all points of their campaign and this is actually mostly a commentary on how I’ve seen Christians interact with the options available to us.

So, here follows my first, and possibly only ever, rundown of thoughts on a US election.

Let’s begin with Donald Trump, shall we?

Overall, I am intrigued by how many Christians champion Trump to bring Christian values to America. I see no authentic evidence of his desire to uphold Christian morals and feel it must be at least mentioned that republican by no means translates to Christian. I would also never trust him to appoint anyone to any position in any capacity that would uphold the extent of the convictions that I hold to as a Christian, nor would his possible presidency make abortion, gay rights, and everything else that Christians seem to struggle with having be a fact in our country, suddenly go away. Those things were happening and fought for before they were legal and they’ll continue to happen and be fought for whoever the president is.

Trump aside however, I am also intrigued by how many Hillary supporters look past the honestly complicated, and at times questionable, past of Hillary Clinton and basically refuse to admit her at any fault. There really seems to be a lack of space to support her but still genuinely say that she did indeed mess up and disregard protocol and the depth of the results of certain decisions of hers. Which just seems to take down the authenticity of many supporting her because it seems like they refuse to recognize certain aspects of her history.

In regards to the similarities between the candidates?

Most of all they are both obvious liars.

Trump is a business man and a liar and Clinton is a politician and a liar. If Trump wins I fully believe him to, continue to, lie to our faces and if Clinton wins I fully believe her to, continue to, lie behind our backs. Either doing the opposite would be more shocking than what each is doing now. And it seems pointless to weigh that criticism against either of them to make a point because they both so clearly agree that it is many times a genuine way to conduct themselves.

Honestly, I believe that this is not an election for Christians, this is an election for Americans.

Because no matter who you are voting for, you are not voting for complete Christian beliefs because neither candidate upholds them. Choose the bits and pieces of Christian truth that each might incorporate into their platform, whether intentionally or not, and between you and God make your voting choice. But I refuse to uphold or condemn either candidate as a ‘Christian’ or ‘non-Christian’ choice.

I also condemn the thought that if I vote for Clinton I am suddenly pro-choice and if I had voted for Trump I am suddenly condoning sexual harassment.

Throughout the election I’ve mostly swung between being very interested and being more apathetic, but I can’t help but feel more than anything that the outcome doesn’t change very much no matter who wins, because America is never returning to the conservative, closer to Christian, beliefs that many seem to be hoping it will. America is not a Christian nation and if you are a Christian in this nation then continue to follow Christ and uphold your convictions and faith, but stop being disappointed as America continues to move further and further from what you believe to be true. When did Jesus ever need a Christian nation to fulfill His plan and maintain His sovereignty anyway? My faith and my understanding of who God is does not hinge whatsoever on the status of America and while I am grateful, and deeply indebted, to generations past for the freedom of religion, speech, right to vote, and much more that I can embrace today, I can’t say it is because of those things that I have a rich relationship with Jesus, they are simply a way in which I am able to interact with fellow human beings.

And there you have it. My thoughts. While not complete and all-inclusive on every area of every topic, they are enough for me and enough said by me.

Let the voters now decide.


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