A Snowy Christmas Tree for 2016

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In an effort to have a simple, baby proof, Christmas tree this year, free of ornament hooks and glass, I decided that we would simply make paper snowflakes from coffee filters and decorate with those and a few strands of white lights and then once I saw our little red bows we had from past years I couldn’t resist putting those on the tree as well 🙂

The other night, as Justin and I sat at the dining room table making snowflake after snowflake, I realized how little I minded the fact that we have gone out on just one hour long date since Theo was born. A lot of people will strongly emphasize going out and being intentional about dating once you have a baby, but I’m realizing that, while making sure to keep your relationship with your spouse a priority is definitely important, it will look different for each couple. It seems that for Justin and I we naturally prefer to just be together at home, maybe that will change over time, but Theo sleeps so well and goes to bed at 7:00 which leaves us hours each night to date at home where we are comfortable and relaxed and, best of all, it’s free 🙂 I’ve felt self conscious in the past over how Justin and I prefer to live life sometimes, like we might be doing something wrong because from the outside it might not be obvious that we prioritize our relationship from the lacking trips, and dates, and public displays of affection but, while it’s taken a few years, I’ve come to rejoice so much more in what we love and what we enjoy and what means most to us, despite it not being the obvious choice many times. Don’t mean to rabbit trail that much off of decorating for Christmas, but it was all just interesting  to mull over as we snipped away at the coffee filters and enjoyed some quality time together in our little home. 🙂

Last night we were able to bring the baby proof tree to life and while it’s a bit crooked from not being able to fit all the branches on the back and tethering it against the wall so Theo couldn’t pull it at all, I think it’s just the perfect tree for us right now and if we’re being honest, what tree doesn’t just always look perfect when it’s covered in sparkly Christmas lights!

We ended up keeping Theo up a bit later so he could ‘participate’ with the decorating, which mostly meant him stealing the smaller tree branches and stock piling them in the kitchen or pulling all the candy canes out of their boxes, haha, but he loved seeing the finished product and I loved seeing his little face as he discovered the wonder that is a Christmas tree!

Today as he sat at the bottom of the Christmas tree, every once and a while rubbing his face up against the branches and laughing to himself as they tickled his cheeks and forehead, I thought about how the holidays last year were such a blur with Theo being so little and how I keep feeling like this is his first Christmas, and despite it being his second, it’s almost like it is actually his first because he’s finally able to understand a little more and interact more with all the beautiful bits and pieces of the holidays!

Were going to be traveling a lot for the holidays this year, so we wanted to put the tree up a little early so we could enjoy it while we’re at home and so to sign off I give you our traditional decorating the tree family video finishing with a special open mouth kiss to you all from Theo himself. 🙂 Wishing you all such a beautiful and peaceful holiday season!

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