A Generation of Talk

img_4112The following is a relatively intense critique of my generation and the current world we live in. Slightly fragmented thoughts that have come to mind after different conversations I’ve had regarding the topic over the past 6 months. While posting this may support many of the negative aspects I critique below I admit to being a part of this generation and still attempting to learn the correct balance of share, don’t share when it comes to my thoughts and the correct platform to do so. I will definitely affirm that our generation is not completely lacking in its positive aspects, the below however is admittedly meant to be a one sided commentary on the many negatives that can be overwhelming in their presence.

We are a generation of talk.
Of Twitter wars and Facebook rants.
No topic whether political, religious, personal or public is too sacred to spread out thinly across the wide advance of the World Wide Web simply because we feel we have no other outlet.
We are too quick to believe our epiphanies are of a public importance and rarely even practice the art of privately working through a thought process before publicizing it, let alone not posting anything at all.
We are mean, rude, self righteous, indulgent, and over confident and compose our understandings, whether taken from others or not, in a way that makes us feel most comfortable and yet also most revolutionary.
We challenge those who stand idly by, and yet don’t even think that our own words, our own actions, could be muddling things up even worse than they already are.
We do not listen to hear, but to simply pull bits to better support our original thoughts so as to continue to challenge the opposite.
We are incapable of giving advice well because, while advice should simply be the telling of our own story without the expectation for others to affirm or replicate it, we are too busy trying to write everyone else’s life story for them according to our own convictions.
While impassioned with a desire to revive a world gone wrong we confuse change with a deep, hateful perspective on anything previously done.
We are built on angst and affirmation.
Nothing is wrong and everything is wrong.
We live in a dichotomy and call it progressive
There is no time and place because everything has become OUR time and OUR place.
We do not understand respect and dignity, but rather demand respect and confuse dignity with false humility as we trudge through our days tirelessly working to educate others on our, self proclaimed, sensational, thoughts.
We are constantly offended and demand political correctness in every context, most times not even willing to take into account human error.
We are convinced of our need to share our revelations as to inspire others to agree with us, despite it only ever resulting in being patted on the back by those who already agreed with us to begin with.
We gather those around us who ‘like’ and adhere to our specific beliefs like a fortress, ready to flatter and rationalize our tactics and routines when we might feel a crackling tinge of the realistically underlying codependent relationship among us.
Position and tradition mean something to us only until we feel like a line has been crossed according to our personal standards.
Our backbone is built from the tedious efforts to coddle our processes and create authentic experiences.
We say we’ll talk about anything but really just talk a lot about nothing.
And while we should not be silenced,
we must learn to be silent.

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