download (1)‘Hello Freaver Bog’ is a story that my husband and I came up with in college. I had even sketched out the first 7 pages or so with colored pencils and saved them for almost 4 years now!

The characters in the story are straight out my siblings and I’s imagination. Characters that we created and personified even up till this day!

There are so many little bits and pieces of history to each character that are mentioned in this book from Freaver Bog’s home of the Land of Yellow, his eternal age of 3 and 1/2, Bockies connection with the Cluck Cluck, Freaver Bog’s love of $5 and so many other tiny bits that have been solidified as part of these characters long before this book was ever put together.

It was a labor of love to finally sketch out a small piece of their story in book form and hope you enjoy the story of how Freaver Bog and Bockies met as much as we enjoyed creating it!

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