Respectful Parenting 

 I’ve been meaning to compile the following list of articles I’ve come across that, over the past few months, have inspired and affirmed many parenting techniques that Justin and I choose to parent by.  Authoritative, not authoritarian or permissive, parenting is so quickly misinterpreted or misrepresented by so many people and it’s always nice […]

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A Photograph’s Feelings

This week I watched the documentary Finding Vivian Maier, it’s on Netflix and I would highly recommend it! Through watching it I came to some conclusions regarding photography that I have been seeking for some time now, mainly, the affirmation that the realness and ‘actual momentness’ of her photography was the exact thing I hoped […]

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A Generation of Talk

The following is a relatively intense critique of my generation and the current world we live in. Slightly fragmented thoughts that have come to mind after different conversations I’ve had regarding the topic over the past 6 months. While posting this may support many of the negative aspects I critique below I admit to being […]

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A Snowy Christmas Tree for 2016

In an effort to have a simple, baby proof, Christmas tree this year, free of ornament hooks and glass, I decided that we would simply make paper snowflakes from coffee filters and decorate with those and a few strands of white lights and then once I saw our little red bows we had from past […]

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12 Months of Theo

Today Theo turns one. I remember the day after we brought him home from the hospital I had laid him on the Boppy lounger in the living room. Justin had run out on a quick errand, there was Christmas music playing, cool winter light was shining clear and strong in through the windows and I […]

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